Installing Lines to Straps

When obtaining a new line-set you'll want to install a set of straps. You also can replace worn straps from an older line-set the same way.
It's customary for line-sets to have their ends 'sleeved' with a heavy weight line. This sleeving is finished off by tying it to form a loop. (see below)
To install a set of straps on a line-set. Pass the end of one line (with the sleeving loop) through the 'D' connector at the bottom of the strap. (see above)
Continue to extended the line to the other end of the handle and pass the strap 'through' the sleeving loop. (see above)
Slide the sleeving loop down over the strap as illustrated in the above photo.
Pass the sleeving loop over the 'D' connector to complete strap installation. Continue with the 2nd line and strap. (see above)

To remove straps, just reverse the order. Of course on the opposite end of your line-set you will have two more sleeving loops. These are connected directly to your kites connection points. (the 'pig-tails')

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