Tuning: Bridle Adjustment

At the Tow points:
Bridles adjustments let you move the tow point around relative to the kite’s center of gravity and the aerodynamic centers of the sail. Note: The adjustments you make will be very small- usually only ¼” at a time.
To adjust bridle, grasp and pull outward to release the knot. (see above)
Once unlocked, the tow-point (pig-tail) will slide freely up and down the bridle. (You can always put it back to the factory setting after you adjust it. Because the factory setting is at the black mark. (see above)
Once your adjustment has been made, pull the pig-tail outward to re-lock the knot. (see above)
Final position should look like this. Which is the same as before you started the adjustment. (see above)

The reason you move the bridle tow point up and down is to change the kite’s Angle of Attack (the angle at which the air flowing past meets the wing).More nose into the wind for light winds (lower angle of attack). This gives you more lift and forward speed.The trade-off: Wider, mushier turns
.Move the tow point down to tip the nose away from the wind in stronger winds. (higher angle of attack). This slows the kite down, increases pull , and gives more precision
.The trade-off: If you go too far, the kite won’t drive upwards and may start to over-steer.

Move the tow points up towards a light-wind position again. This will de-power the sail, reduce the pull, and help you keep from breaking an expensive frameset.

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