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Here is some handy information made available in PDF.  Right click on the links and download/save to your computer.

Kite assembly instructions / manuals:

The 1995 Prism Guide
The book that came with your Prism Kite back in the day.  Lots of kite specific info as well as general tips.  Digitized by GWTW / Chico Kites and reprinted with permission of Prism Designs Inc.

Making a Line Set
Taken from the Prism Guide (above).  This is how I learned to make line sets.

Prism Radian Manual
The official manual for the Prism Radian.  Reprinted with permission of Prism Designs Inc.

Premier Canard Assembly Instructions
HQ Treczoks Classic Box Assembly Instructions
HQ Quad Piggy Assembly Instructions
Premier Yakko Warrior Assembly Instructions page 1
Premier Yakko Warrior Assembly Instructions page 2
Flying Wings Soul Assembly Instructions
Flying Wings Rock On Assembly Instructions
Flying Wings Silver Fox 2.5 Assembly Instructions
Flying Wings Wala XL Instructions
GWTW / Brian Todd's TrickTail and Tohuwabohu Specifications
TrickTail Manual

A GWTW  / Chico Kites exclusive.

These books were offered to us by the author (Bill Taylor) on the condition that we make them available to the public at no charge. Both books are currently out of print, but the authors reserve all rights and have agreed to allowing this free distribution of their works. Distribution for profit is not allowed.

Put the Wind In Your Hands was written in 1997. Although some of the information is a bit dated, we feel it is an excellent guide to getting started in dual line stunt kites. 48 pages with illustrations.
Put the Wind In Your Hands

Flying The Rev, written in 1996, is an excellent primer on quad line flying. Both the novice and intermediate flyer will find lots of helpful information. 118 pages with illustrations.
Flying the Rev